The Beverage Company Inc. had been servicing the GTA since 1990. With a proven track record of providing excellent products and services and superior customer care, we continue to attract and retain a wide range of clients.

Organic Products – Coffee, Tea and Snacks

We provides an affordable way to enjoy organic foods.
Committed to supporting organic lifestyle, we offer a diverse selection of products throughout the year. By taking advantage of our many local farms and the long growing season in Ontario, we are able to deliver a wonderful variety of fruits, veggies and snacks while maintaining our commitment to supporting traditional farms.
Each week our produce selection changes to keep our produce boxes fun and diverse. By taking advantage of seasonal crops, we ensure freshness and quality, all of the time!
Organic farming is an integral part of a healthy, sustainable agricultural system and all of our certified organic fruits and vegetables are grown without any synthetic chemicals or pesticides.
Choose from one of our scrumptious seasonal boxes and customize it to your liking prior to each delivery. Buying organic has never been easier! And remember, recipes and cooking tips included with every delivery!
Organic products List offered by The Beverage Company. Ideal for your office kitchen, vending and office coffee.

Pop, Juice and Water

Staying hydrated is key to good health. But what you hydrate your body with can actually have a bigger impact on your long-term wellness than you think.
For instance, many convenient ‘grab-and-go’ beverages in today’s market claim to have health benefits. Vitamin drinks, sports drinks, 100% fruit juice, the list goes on…
Freshly squeezed, organic, unsweetened juice is a great way to get a fruit or vegetable’s micro-nutrients into you. If the juice needs to be refrigerated, has a shelf-life of about a week, contains no added sugar/artificial sweeteners, and has pulp/fibre, then you can be rest assured it’s a healthier hydration choice.

Water Filtration Systems

Quantum Point of Use water cooler conversion kits provide you with unlimited clean, great tasting water right at your finger tips!
• Unlimited “bottled quality” water at your finger tips
• Environmentally friendly alternative to bottles
• Cost effective solution, fixed monthly cost regardless of consumption
Technological Elegance
Quantum Solutions merge state of the art filtration with sleek, modern designed water coolers that will
shine in any location. A Quantum system is quite simply the best in water filtration design and function.
When it comes to your water, why settle for anything less?
Quantum Filtration Systems are made for those who appreciate simplicity and quality as much as good health. Versatility, upgradeability, in seconds, standing up, without any tools.
Quantum Filters remove cyst, lead, asbestos, particulate, chlorine off taste and odor reduction, while retaining essential minerals found naturally in water. Quantum 1000 & 2000 Systems deliver the kind of performance professionals expect.

Cleaning Supplies

We look forward to the opportunity of serving your cleaning and equipment needs. We offer a list of supplies you need for cleaning supplies at your office, including sprays, wipes and garbage bags.

  • Dinner Napkins
  • Dish Washer Detergent
  • Facial Tissues
  • Fantastik
  • Garbage Bags
  • Jet Dry
  • Liquid Dish Soap
  • Paper Towels
  • Plates/Cups/Cutlery
  • Serviettes
  • SOS Pads
  • Toilet Tissue
  • Windex

The Fruit Man

Fresh fruit and healthy Snacks delivered daily. We deliver the yummiest fruits & vegetables of our fresh-picked produce and enjoy the benefits that organic fruits & veggies have to offer.
When discussing this concept with other business owners upon my return the responses were overwhelmingly positive. These businesses understand the many benefits of caring for their staff and the financial rewards of a happy, healthy team . We started not quite sure how it would take off as this was a new concept to our region, since then we have been blown away with the success.
Customers love how we make their job simple and their teams LOVE them for it! Everyone wants to be healthy but not everyone makes the extra effort or makes the best decisions. By making it easy for them to make healthy food choices you team will respond. It’s a great way to motivate and retain staff and increase productivity.
Each of our fruit boxes are created specifically for our customers, some like more apples, some like more bananas, etc. All fruit is inspected at  least 4 times in the buying and packing process and are hand packed into attractive boxes designed to sit on a break room counter or where ever it is convenient. Our fruit buyers are on the look-out for interesting fresh seasonal fruit and each week varieties change.
Give your team a healthy boost, try our fruit boxes today! We will deliver as often as you like: daily, weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. We also create fruit gift baskets for special occasions. There are no contracts or long-term commitments, we have designed our service to be as simple and rewarding as we can – we are sure your team will love it! Thank you for your interest.

Coffee Office Equipment

At The Beverage Company we use a service focused approach to reshape the office breakroom into a hassle-free experience. Look to us for their hot-beverage needs. We are proud of our long standing relationships with our partners who service thousands of offices on a daily basis.
From a bold roast coffee that wakes you up in the morning, to a delicious cup of specialty tea in the afternoon, we have the brands your customers have come to love. We’re the leading provider in sustainable operations, curated products, and innovative equipment.

Coffee and Tea List

Delight your employees & customers with our specialty coffee & tea solutions.
With over 300 different choices of coffee, we are able to satisfy even the most discriminating palate. Whether your tastes are light roast, dark roast or decaf, we have the perfect coffee for you. We are a leading supplier of Starbucks, Timothy’s, Reunion Island, Seattle’s Best, Country Style, Wolfgang Puck and Keurig and can offer you the widest variety at competitive pricing.
Your office can choose from a wide selection of Fair Trade, Rainforest Alliance or UTZ certified coffees.
In addition, we are the largest Canadian-owned supplier of Mars Drinks and the exclusive provider of Second Cup Coffees within Ontario workplaces.

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